What is「夢からくり一座」?

夢からくり一座=yume KARAKURI ichiza

“Yume KARAKURI Ichiza” is a member of Japan society for Karakuri (Japanese old automata) studies and established as a training center for experts of Karakuri studies. Thus the traditional technique can be passed down to our next generation more thoroughly and accurately. We started recruiting elite craftsmen and craftswomen to carry out in-depth training together with our top traditional KARAKURI craftsmanship.

We also collect antique Karakuri Dolls, and carry out our research and development; and repairing the loosen parts. Therefrom, reproduce them with identical materials to the original mode.

Our collection, reproductions Click “Collection” (under construction)

We are not only reproducing Karakuri Dolls but also educate our member the know how for demonstration, and demonstrated them all over the country.

The demonstration which is a public performance of operating Karakuri dolls, helps audience to lean more about Karakuri Dolls tradition through its historical background. We offer our own collection and materials to the exhibitions and assist setting.    Presently, we have seven members motivating this practice and are willing to introduce this traditional Karakuri to the public and overseas at large.      .

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  • Principal : Karakuri craftsman

    Susumu Higashino     His Profile Click “Who is our principal”

    Assistant Principal: Kojima Kazunari

    Apprentice: Karakuri craftsmen

    Hideki Higashino

    Tetuya Kobayashi

    Haruka Nakamura